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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Letter to the TN government officials

The CM's Special Cell, at seems to function well.

Grievance are stored and followed upon, i am told.
Trying my luck with the following grievance. will keep you posted on progress. 

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Dear Government officials,

We have a beautiful lake in Chitlapakkam, which has helped maintain ground water levels all these years.
lately, its shores are being encroached by other govt deparments for dumping and burning waste.
such a pristine lake should be preserved and nurtured. i request our governments environment wing to take initiative to protect and improve the lake and its surroundings.

If we increase the depth of the lake, clear the encroachers and build a pathway around the edges, it can become a beautiful destination for the general public and will serve as a excellent showcase for years to come, on how government can change the environment in a positive way.

Rain water harvesting was a big success, since the government initiated it and enforced it relentlessly.
such a courageous stature should be taken to save our natural resources, such as the chitlapakkam lake.

looking forward to hear from you. I can help coordinate and do whatever is needed to help make progress

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ref: 2012/701285/CY

chitlapakkam lake: